London - Saturday 14 November 2015

PROVISIONAL CAST LIST : As at 13 November 2015

Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accomodate cancellations etc.
We will try not to do that if at all possible though.

Map Game Role Ethnicity (tbc)
Team members (bold=paid)
Scandinavia Map Jarl Ulf Dane Chris Hardman
Jarl Eilaf (Ulf's brother) Dane (vacancy)
Thorkell the Tall Swede Tom Hayllar
Olaf Haraldsson Norse Andrew Reeve
Jarl Eric of Lade Norse Tim Campbell
Sven of Lade (Eric's brother) Norse Chris Chester
King Olof of Sweden Swede Luca Kling
Esgar of Bergen Norse Chris Spikings
Scotland Map King Malcolm of Alba Scots Marc Seutter
Mormaer Finlay Scots Am Haque
Abbot Crinan of Dunkeld Scots Simon Gridley
Maldred mac Crinan Scots Chris Claxton
Prince Owen of Strathclyde Welsh Tom Hinds
Jarl Sigurd of Orkney Norse Tim Hall
Abbot Alwin of St. Andrews Scots Matt Bambridge
Mormaer Donald Scots Robin Birkenshaw
North England Map Archbishop Wulfstan of York Saxon Adam Baxter
Bishop Aldhun of Durham Saxon Filip Hartelius
Sigeferth the Anglo-Dane Anglo-Dane James Moulding
Morcar the Anglo-Dane Anglo-Dane John Barton
Eorl Uhtred the Bold Saxon Max Cairnduff
Eadwulf Cudel (Uhtred's brother) Saxon Andrew Barton
Thurbrand Hold Anglo-Dane Marcel Nijenhof
Ælfric of Chester (Eadric's brother) Saxon Rebecca Williams
Finntor of Cumbria Norse-Welsh (vacancy)
South England Map Archbishop Lyfing of Canterbury Saxon Jack Evans
Eorl Eadric Streona Saxon Chris White
Brihtric (Eadric's brother) Saxon Conrad Williams
Bishop Godwin of Lichfield Saxon Amyus Bale
Bishop Æthelstan of Hereford Saxon Alex Beck
Leofwine Saxon Oliver Sliney
Northman son of Leofwine Saxon Christina Biss
Eorl Ulfcetel Snilling Saxon Stuart Bailey
Æthelmær the Stout Saxon Paul McDermott
Godwine son Wulfnoth Saxon (vacancy)
Alderman Alfred of London Anglo-Dane Ben Williams
Irish Sea Map Hywel ap Edwin Welsh Gerard Sweeney
Rhydderch ap Iestyn Welsh Dave Helsby
Aedan ap Blegywryd Welsh (vacancy)
Llywelyn ap Seisyll Welsh John Powney
Jarl Brodir of Mann Norse-Irish (vacancy)
Jarl Gilli Norse-Irish Joe Robinson
Echmarcach mac Ragnar Dane-Irish James Parsons
Bishop Morgan of St. Davids Welsh (vacancy)
Ireland Map High King Brian Boru Irish Alasdair Weeks
Murchad mac Brian Irish Jonathan Deller
Mothla mac Donald Irish (vacancy)
King Malachy O'Neill Irish Chris Boreham
King Malmorda O'Dowling Irish Hugh Blakemore
King Flaithbertach O'Neill Irish Francis Boreham
King Sigtrigg Silkenbeard of Dublin and Wexford Norse-Irish Mark Salter
King Ragnar Ivarsson of Waterford Dane-Irish James White
Queen Gormflaith Norse-Irish Sarah Gooding
King Tadc O'Kelly Irish Richard Espley-Jones
Fergal O'Rourke Irish Rob Cook
Abbot Malmure of Armagh Irish Jevan Bryant
Abbess Eithne of Kildare Irish Myre Haywood
Danish Royal Family King Swegen Forkbeard Dane Jim Wallman
Regent Harald Swegensson Dane Michael Bishop
Cnut Swegensson Dane Carl Waltenburg
Ottar the Black Skald Norse Becky Ladley
English Royal Family King Æthelred Redeless Saxon Jerry Elsmore
Ætheling Æthelstan Saxon Andrew Fergar
Edmund Saxon Adrian Noyce
Eadwig Saxon Nathan Richards
Queen Emma of Normandy Norman Rhona O'Sullivan
Ælfric of Hampshire Saxon (vacancy)
Bishop Ælfsige of Winchester Saxon Chris Gannon
CONTROL TEAM Game Control   Andrew Hadley
Scotland Map   Bruce Walton
North England Map   Rob Cooper
South England Map   Richard Hands
Irish Sea Map   Jonathan Pickles
Ireland Map   Mukul Patel
Church Control   Dave Boundy
Royal Control   Bernard Ganley
Scandinavia Map   Andy Grainger
Viking Control   Ben Moores
Foreign Powers Control   Jon Casey

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