The Centenary Megagame of the Russian Civil War

By Bernard Ganley

London - 21st October 2017

aprox 90 player roles

This game will cover the momentous Russian Civil War between 1918-1920. Will Lenin's Bolshevik regime survive? Will they prosper and spread Revolution to Germany and Central Europe? Or will they be overwhelmed by opponents at home and abroad and the Red Dawn that was heralded by the October Revolution of 1917 be crushed once and for all?

Russia is big! 1/6th of the world's land surface and so this will be a sprawling game fought across four theatres of war: Western Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus, Central Asia and Siberia. The forces however are quite small - fewer than one million for ALL combatants at the game start - less than say a quarter of what France had in 1917. Operations swirl backwards and forwards in fast moving operations punctuated with bloody fights at key cities.

This was also not a war of two sides, but of many….


There are:

The Reds or Bolsheviks under Lenin, striving to save the revolution.

They will be in a Council of People's Commissars (SovNarKom) of 6-10 and four regional teams of 3 or 4.


The Whites who are the ex-Imperial generals who totally oppose the Reds and all they stand for. They believe in "Russia - One & Indivisible!"

They will be in three teams of 3 or 4.


The Greens will represent the many regional, cultural and class interests that sometimes worked with and often opposed the Reds & Whites. Such groups include the Cossacks, the many moderate Socialists and Liberals, the Baltic States, the Finns, the Muslim League, The Ukrainian Nationalists, Poles and the Anarchists.

They will be in six groups of 2 players who will play across at least two of the campaign maps representing local interests


The Blues will represent the four Allied powers (Britain, France, America & Japan) & The Central Powers (Germany) who intervened in the Civil War for a variety and ever changing set of motives. The Central Powers team will also have the responsibility of preventing the spread of Revolution into Central Europe.

They will be in five teams of 2 to 3 players.


The Black Hats! Or Control: There will be need for umpires for the regional maps, SovNarKom, The Whites, The Greens and the Blues.

A total of 10 Control.


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