London - Saturday 17 May 2014


Please note that this is a provisional list and roles may be altered, added to and/or swapped around to accomodate cancellations etc. We will try not to do that if at all possible though.

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Team Game Role
Team members
United States of America President James Blair
Vice President Keith Wright
Secretary of State Alex Woodrow
Head of the Joint Chiefs Steve Morgan
Chief Scientist Jerry Elsmore
United Kingdom
Prime Minister Ben Moores
Foreign Secretary (vacancy)
Chief of the Defence Staff Dave London
Chief Scientist Tom Mouat
French Republic
President John Rutherford
Foreign Minister Crawford Maclean
Chief of the Defence Staff (vacancy)
Chief Scientist (vacancy)
Prime Minister Matt Lees
Foreign Minister Paul Dean
Chief of the Self Defence Staff Quintin Smith
Chief Scientist Brendan Caldwell
People's Republic of China
President Chris Hardman
Deputy President Robin Williams
Foreign Minister Chris White
Chief of the Defence Staff Jack Smokum
Chief Scientist Jack Savory-Tarlton
Russian Federation President Dave Boundy
Foreign Minister Bernard Ganley
Chief of the Defence Staff John Powney
Chief Scientist Jon Casey
Brazil President (Vacancy)
Foreign Minister (Vacancy)
Chief of the Defence Staff (Vacancy)
Chief Scientist (Vacancy)
World Media Head of World News Becky Ladley
Deputy Head of World News (Vacancy)
Team Game Role
Team members
The Aliens : Team 1 Conclave 1 Member Justin Falston
Conclave 1 Member Andy Reeve
Conclave 1 Member Michael Streatfield
The Aliens : Team 2 Conclave 2 Member Adrian Noyce
Conclave 2 Member Carl Waltenburg
Conclave 2 Member Chris Felton
The Aliens : Team 3 Conclave 3 Member Tim Campbell
Conclave 3 Member Andrew Sturman
Conclave 3 Member Guy Hutchinson
Team Game Role
Team members
CONTROL TEAM Table Control Mukul Patel
Table Control Jaap Boender
UN Security Council Control Brian Cameron
Research Control Rob Cooper
Political Control (NPC) Peter Merritt
Alien Team Control Richard Hands
Alien Team Control Paul Hill
Game Control Jim Wallman

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